Leed signage system Emergent Cold Vietnam – Bac Ninh branch

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Emergent Cold (ECV) has made a commitment to  the environment. When designing and constructing ECV, we built an innovative green storage with the aim to improve working conditions and environmental sustainability.

To educate the staff and visitors of the benefits of green storage, we built a comprehensive signage program into Emergent Cold's spaces.

Below are a few samples as part of our signage system:

1.LEED information signage

The signage is placed at Reception area which is close to the main entrance at Ground Floor of the storage. It helps generate and encourage public awareness and understandings toward LEED certification and its core concepts. 

2.Preferred parking area signage

As parts of project’s commitments to LEED, Emergent Cold reserves parking area at basement for Low-Emitting & Fuel Efficient Vehicles and Bicycles. Specific sign boards would be attached on the walls nearby to instruct such vehicles to their parking slots.  

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