Why Us?

Swire Cold Storage Vietnam understands that in order to obtain customer satisfaction, we need to ensure safety of their goods and just-in-time supports in emergency conditions.

We are constantly improving and developing infrastructure, equipment, and its services to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

Standard Service Overview:

• 19 years of cold storage operations with more than 300 skilled employees;
• 16 rooms - storage service for products from +25˚C to -25˚C;
• Capacity of 36,650 standards pallet;
• Provide support services: Handling (cross-docking), sorting, labeling & repacking;
• Full fire system with back up water supply, sprinklers and hydrants/ hose reels;
• Pest Control System;
• Back up electrical generators;
• Full computerized inventory control;
• Security system with punch code access, CCTV and independent security guards.