Swire Cold Storage Representative awarded new toilets, wells in Quang Tri and toilets for primary schools in An Giang.

Date : 2017-12-29 12:08:48
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On 11st September 2017, representatives of the Swire Cold Storage Management Board along with the soldiers of Cu Bai Border Guards came to present the donation to Huong Lap preschool, Huong Hoa mountain district, Quang Tri province (near the border of Laos) which includes a well and a new toilet worth nearly 160 million VND.

The project was implemented within 2 months and faced to many difficulties in transportation of construction machinery, equipment, raw materials and bad weather. However, the project still completed on scheduled before the start of new school year 05th September 2017.

The school had 4 classes with 80 pupils, 99% Van Kieu minority. From Khe Sanh town to school was more than 80km with winding and muddy roads. The pupils had to get over many passes, streams, bumpy roads. At that time, the facilities of the school had deteriorated, especially the toilets had deteriorated seriously.

The investment of Swire Cold Storage Vietnam included a standard toilet with 6 small toilets and a large toilet, a 40m depth water tank well. Swire Cold Storage Vietnam satisfed the wish of the teachers and the pupils - having clean water.

Needless to say about the silent sacrifices of the school's teachers. They were married women whose family in the town of Khe Sanh, which was more than 80km from the school. Because of the distance, they lived temporarily at school, in extremely poor living condition. Their children were very young and being taken cared by husbands. They could only visit family, husband and children at weekends. We were very impressed by their quiet sacrifice who didn’t mind the difficulties to bring the word to the children in the highlands. We hoped that this gift would help the teachers and the pupils to have better conditions of living and teaching.

Meanwhile, on 06th October 2017, representatives of the Swire Cold Storage Board Management also came to present the project of repairing toilets at primary school "A" Long An, Long An commune, Tan Chau town, An province Giang. The project was implemented in a short time to improve the living and learning condition of teachers and students here. With the sustainable development motto, we commit to always accompany and care for the education of Vietnam’s young generation./.