Technology - Engineering


Emergent Cold is built on an area of 4.3 hectares, is equipped with 38 dock doors of different sizes suitable for all types of vehicles and containers. The cold storage rooms are equipped with automatic rapid-rolled door quickly to minimize heat loss, avoid moisture, snow deposited into the warehouse and goods. Our High performance LED Lighting System with montion sensors help minimize energy consumption while ensuring adequate light levels according to international standards.

Emergent Cold is also equipped with machinery, forklifts, rackings according to international standards, in accordance with the standards of occupational safety and has been certified in accordance with regulations set by the government Vietnam.


Emergent Cold uses contracted guards and fully staff working 24/7. The warehouse is equipped with automatic fire alarm system, anti-theft system and surveillance cameras 24/24 that covered all areas, even in the cold room, always ensure safe storage of goods and customer satisfaction when required to retrieve image data.

Refrigeration system

The refrigeration system uses two-stage ammonia compressors with high performance and durability. Equipment and components are imported directly from well-regarded suppliers: Johnson controls, Mycom, Guntner, Evapco, Danfoss, Allenbradley, Scheider Electric ...

Our system is designed by the best expert in the industry, errected and installed by the best contractors in Vietnam that helps to ensure stability, reliability for many years ahead.

The system is fully automated with central control and allows remote control and monitor. Recorded data are stored for 20 years and available via online report for Customers

Standby Power

To ensure temperature stability stored goods as assured with the Customers, we designed the power supply system from two independent power sources, along with two backup generators. The refrigeration system has the capacity always in excess of 150%


Maintenance has always been focused for many years in order to keep the system in full operational, stability and reliability. Our maintenance team consists of highly experienced, qualified professionals, well trained locally or abroad as well as implementing Maintenance Management Software to record, monitor and supervise the day to day tasks