IT System

IT is our “backbone” to all the activities and provides the vital link between our Company and our Customers.

Our IT team includes highly experienced IT specialists and commercial experts who constantly focus on providing suitable and effective solutions to our Customers.

Our in-house Warehouse Management System is built to international standards. This WMS provide fast and reliable data in every links of the cold chain. Together with that, we also provide the web-based online reports to our Client for real time monitoring of:

  • Quantity, batch, lot number, production date, expiry date of all the stock in store
  • Realtime status of all receiving, dispatching orders, truck-containers in-out the warehouse house
  • Full history of any products
  • Follow, print all reports on stock movements, stock on hand, stock by locations, billing reports…
  • Print Authorised Receiving / Dispatching Notes
  • Easy export to excel for further processing
  • Up-to-date charts for better visualization of products in store, product movements
  • Revew the log history with IP address logging.